Personal Injury

Case Update: Long-Lost Safety Deposit Items Show Up At Orlando Auction

September 13, 2019|Negligence|

In 2017, we represented a woman who lost over $100,000 worth of valuables after a banking institution misplaced the safety deposit box she had used to safeguard her property. Despite the bank's negligence in protecting her property, the personal injury case was lost on a technicality – the statute of limitations [...]

Protect Your Child From Daycare Negligence

July 30, 2019|Daycare Accidents|

It’s hard enough leaving your child with a daycare provider to go to work. It’s even harder when the news is filled with horror stories of children who have been neglected or injured at daycare facilities. What can parents do to ensure they are choosing a safe and qualified daycare provider? [...]

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Negligence Extends Beyond Physical Violence

July 15, 2019|Daycare Accidents|

When the words “Pre-K negligence” come up, images of abused children spring to mind, but negligence is actually a much broader concept that goes far beyond physical violence. There are many ways that a daycare facility could be negligent in their delivery of childcare without the child actually being physically abused. [...]

What Does Florida’s No-Fault Auto Insurance Law Mean For Car Accident Victims?

June 25, 2019|Car Accidents|

Florida is considered a "no-fault" auto insurance state. This does not mean that drivers can't be held responsible for causing a car accident. Rather, it is an auto insurance issue that is intended to help those who have been in car accidents quickly obtain insurance money to help pay for medical [...]

Can I Sue For Nursing Home Negligence?

May 13, 2019|Nursing Home Negligence And Abuse, Personal Injury|

Nursing homes are tasked with providing a safe environment for the elderly or infirm. When a resident is injured while in the care of a nursing home or similar facility, it's natural to wonder if you can hold them responsible for the injury. In some cases, yes, nursing homes and care [...]

FIU Bridge Collapse Marks One Year Anniversary But For Victims The Nightmare Continues

March 15, 2019|Personal Injury|

March 15, 2019, marked one year since the shocking FIU pedestrian bridge collapse; an incident that killed six people and injured eight more. Two of those victims are represented by Andres Beregovich, Esq. of The Beregovich Law Firm as they navigate multiple lawsuits related to the incident. Our clients, a husband [...]

Don’t Let Spring Fever Lead To An Auto Accident

March 6, 2019|Car Accidents|

Spring break is in full swing here in Florida. That means plenty of winter-weary travelers are hitting the highways in search of some fun in the sun. More drivers on the road, distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and even inexperienced drivers all up the chances of a car accident occurring. While even [...]

Personal Injury Can Take The Form Of Financial Loss As Well As Physical Injury

February 11, 2019|Negligence, Personal Injury|

There's a common misconception that you must be physically injured by another party to file a personal injury or negligence lawsuit. That is not true. In legal terms, "injury" or "loss" can take many forms, including financial losses. We recently represented a client who lost over $100,000 worth of valuables from [...]

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