Common Childcare Injuries | Daycare Injuries

Date Posted:

September 10, 2020

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Andres Beregovich


As parents, we are willing to accept the fact that at some point, our kids will get hurt or injured. Skinned knees and elbows, bruises, and twisted ankles are par for the course of childhood. When injuries happen at a friend’s house or at home, we are more inclined to shrug them off than when they occur in a childcare setting. However, not all Daycare injuries are necessarily suspicious. In some cases, it really is a matter of “kids being kids”.

5 Normal Childcare Injuries

Just as not every childhood injury requires a visit to the doctor, not every injury sustained at daycare is a sign of something sinister. Normal childhood injuries do occur in childcare and daycare settings. Some of the most common include:

  1. Scrapes and Bruises. Minor injuries like scrapes and bruises are usually nothing to worry about. Kids just aren’t as careful or coordinated as adults which can lead to minor injuries from tumbles and rough play. 
  2. Bite Marks. Some kids are biters and, unfortunately, daycare providers can’t always prevent a bite from happening. Small, child-sized bite marks that occur only once or twice is not usually a cause for concern. 
  3. Sprains and Twisted Ankles. It’s easy for excited children to trip over their own two feet and twist an ankle or knee or sprain an elbow or wrist while trying to manipulate a toy.
  4. Hitting and Fighting. Children are still learning to control their emotions and find non-physical ways to resolve differences. Fights happen and hitting occurs; sometimes without the daycare provider’s knowledge. 
  5. Broken Bones. Although alarming, broken bones, particularly in active children, are not always a cause for concern. Tripping when running or falling off a playset could cause a bone to break. Pay attention to how the daycare handles the injury. An ambulance should be called right away as should you.  

When An Injury is Cause for Alarm

Parents never want to brush off an injury if there is a chance their child is being neglected or abused, but it can be a challenge to differentiate between “normal” childhood injuries and signs of abuse. In general, repeated patterns of injury are cause for alarm as are changes in your child’s emotional state regarding daycare. Signs that your child is suffering abuse or neglect at daycare include:

  • Repeated injuries that have no explanation.
  • Bruising in shapes or patterns or covering a large area.
  • Bite marks that are too large to be from a child.
  • Excessive fear or reluctance of the child to go to daycare or see a certain provider/worker.
  • Coming home extremely hungry or thirsty; losing weight.
  • Providers who are evasive about the injury, refuse to discuss it, or never tell you about it.

Before an injury ever happens, talk to your child about their days so they become used to sharing information with you. If they routinely talk to you about their day not only will you gain a better understanding of how the center is run, you’ll also be able to recognize unusual situations when they happen. Listen to your child’s side of the story and always talk to the daycare provider if your child comes home with an injury so you can ascertain what happened.

You know your child best. Some kids are always showing up with new cuts and bruises; others rarely so. If your child begins to exhibit an abnormal amount or type of injury or starts to come home with more serious injuries, it may be time for a closer look.

If you can’t get a straight answer or suspect abuse at a childcare center, contact The Beregovich Law Firm for advice. We offer free case consultations so you can share your worries and concerns with a Florida daycare injury attorney and get a straight answer as to whether the situation seems suspicious or not. 

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