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Florida House of Representatives Bill CS/HB 1561 – Office Surgeries

May 25, 2024|Medical Laws|

Summary: This bill changes the rules for medical offices that perform certain surgeries. It updates which procedures need special registration, removes old rules, and makes the language clearer. It also requires these offices to prove they are financially responsible and updates the standards they must follow. Key Points: Registration Requirements: Medical [...]

Florida High Court Overturns Dismissal in Medical Malpractice Case: Understanding the Decision

May 21, 2024|Medical Malpractice|

On May 17, 2024, the Sixth District Court of Appeal of Florida issued a significant ruling in the case of Phengsanith Pradaxay vs. Dr. James Erasmus Kendrick, IV, and others. This decision reversed the lower court's dismissal of Pradaxay's medical malpractice lawsuit. Here's a simplified breakdown of the case and the [...]

Comparative Negligence In Medical Malpractice Cases

May 14, 2024|Medical Malpractice|

In comparative negligence within medical malpractice, knowing the small details can greatly affect how much money you may be able to recover from your lawsuit. In Florida, for example, the comparative negligence law can change your compensation based on how much blame you carry for causing an injury. We at Beregovich [...]

Can You Sue a Hotel for Bed Bugs? Know Your Rights

May 7, 2024|Bed Bugs|

Have you ever asked yourself, "Can I sue a hotel for bed bug bites?" The answer to this question is yes. Bed bugs are not only troublesome creatures; they can also lead to severe allergies, skin infections, and significant emotional discomfort. When you go to a hotel, your basic expectation is [...]

Procedures, Risks & Legal Insights of Vascular Surgery

April 15, 2024|Plastic Surgery|

Vascular surgery deals with procedures concerning the intricate system of blood vessels in our body. These surgeries are critical to treat diseases affecting arteries and veins but do not come without risk. When things go wrong in vascular surgery, it can lead to severe medical and legal outcomes. At Beregovich Law, [...]

Botched Face Surgery: Expert Legal Help & Compensation Claims

April 8, 2024|Plastic Surgery|

If you are a victim of plastic surgery gone wrong, you must know that there are legal rights that can assist in your pursuit of justice and compensation. Cosmetic surgeries aim to improve one's appearance, but when they fail, the outcomes, both physical and emotional, can be severe. At Beregovich Law, [...]

The Role Of A Plastic Surgery Medical Malpractice Lawyer

March 18, 2024|Plastic Surgery|

In recent years, plastic surgery has become popular as more people look to improve their appearance through elective treatments. While the majority of plastic surgery procedures are completed successfully, some individuals have unfavorable results that cause them to suffer financially, emotionally, and physically. In these situations, it becomes crucial to pursue [...]

Slip and Fall Accidents in Florida

March 11, 2024|Personal Injury|

In Florida, a slip and fall accident is one of the most prevalent categories of personal injury cases. These accidents happen when someone trips, falls, or slides on someone else's property due to dangerous circumstances, including damp flooring, uneven surfaces, or dim illumination. In these situations, the person hurt can be [...]

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