Daycare Accidents

5 of the Most Common Daycare Injuries and When to Worry

September 10, 2020|Daycare Accidents|

As parents, we are willing to accept the fact that at some point, our kids will get hurt or injured. Skinned knees and elbows, bruises, and twisted ankles are par for the course of childhood. When injuries happen at a friend’s house or at home, we are more inclined to shrug [...]

Documentation Is Crucial to Private Daycare Negligence Lawsuits

November 4, 2019|Daycare Accidents|

Winning a daycare negligence lawsuit means proving that the daycare provider breached their duty of care to prevent injuries and provide a safe environment for children. Simply accusing the providers of being negligent in this duty of care won’t win any cases. Like all personal injury cases, you need proof or [...]

Protect Your Child From Daycare Negligence

July 30, 2019|Daycare Accidents|

It’s hard enough leaving your child with a daycare provider to go to work. It’s even harder when the news is filled with horror stories of children who have been neglected or injured at daycare facilities. What can parents do to ensure they are choosing a safe and qualified daycare provider? [...]

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Negligence Extends Beyond Physical Violence

July 15, 2019|Daycare Accidents|

When the words “Pre-K negligence” come up, images of abused children spring to mind, but negligence is actually a much broader concept that goes far beyond physical violence. There are many ways that a daycare facility could be negligent in their delivery of childcare without the child actually being physically abused. [...]

Daycare Accidents And Liability Waivers

June 28, 2018|Daycare Accidents, Personal Injury|

Many parents who sign their children up for daycare are presented with a liability waiver before the child is accepted. These waivers are designed to protect the daycare from spurious lawsuits that may result from normal daycare accidents. When children are involved in more serious accidents, parents sometimes think they cannot sue [...]

When Negligence Leads To Day Care Accidents

January 5, 2018|Daycare Accidents|

It is normal for children to get bumps and bruises from time to time. But it’s another thing entirely for a child to be injured due to a caregiver’s negligence, which we are seeing more and more frequently in the form of day care accidents. Despite the rules and regulations governing [...]

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