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Hurricane Damage Claim Denied? Don’t Accept No For An Answer Without Speaking To An Insurance Attorney First

November 14, 2017|Insurance Law|

Hurricanes represent a major risk for Florida properties. That's why homeowners make sure their homeowners' insurance policies include hurricane coverage - and pay for that coverage. But all too often, we hear from homeowners whose hurricane damage claims are denied by their insurer - even when there is obvious damage due [...]

Consult Our Orlando Claim Attorney If Your Property Insurance Claim Has Been Denied

September 8, 2017|Insurance Law|

Few things are more frustrating for homeowners than submitting a property insurance claim and having it denied. Property insurance, or homeowners insurance, is supposed to help you recover after damage has occurred to your home by providing you with compensation so you can afford to make repairs. But many insurance providers [...]

Dealing with Your Insurance Carrier in the Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew – Practice Tip

October 6, 2016|Insurance Law|

Hurricane Matthew threatens Florida and  its effects will be felt far beyond the eye of the storm, including potential impact to buildings and structures by devastating wind, rain, storm surges, snapped or uprooted trees, roadway signs and large airborne projectiles. Regardless of whether you OWN or RENT, take pictures and/or video [...]

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