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Andres Beregovich Attorney


Personal Injury

Our firm assertively and methodically navigates your case through advocacy, client care and performance. A serious injury due to negligent acts demands immediate legal attention.

Personal Injury Law
Personal Injury Law

Medical Malpractice

We take pride in representing individuals and families who have suffered because of negligent and wrongful conduct by medical professionals leading to severe and permanent injury, including death.


Lizzy Psuedo

Mr. Beregovich and his staff are top notch! Not only were they great at providing me with updates, they represented me and helped me get justice for the damages I suffered from my bed bug case! 5 STARS! Highly recommend them. Thank you!

Jessica C.

Andres was so much help! In my case I was not familiar with my rights and benefits. It was my daughters first accident claim, thank God she was on my insurance ,my car was totaled, I had medical expenses building up ,my baby was hurt, we were not at fault and it seemed as though I had lost it all. The staff was great and guided me through the whole process. Any questions I had were answered, I felt relieved, they did it all for me and for that I am FOREVER thankful.

Jeremy B.

Andres is a consummate professional with a deep understanding of his profession. However, what really makes him (and his whole team, for that matter) special is his ability to listen intently and develop an equally deep understanding of the complexities you, as a client, are bringing to the table. I highly recommend The Beregovich Law Firm.

Ryan Wells

Great Advocates! I had the pleasure of working with Andres at the Beregovich Law Firm, and I couldn’t be happier with the legal services provided. From the moment we spoke, I knew I was in good hands. The team at the Beregovich Law Firm treated me like family, offering unwavering support throughout the process. What sets the Beregovich Law Firm apart is their genuine care for clients. They not only fought tirelessly for my cause, but also prioritized my general well-being. Their compassionate approach made all the difference during a challenging time in my life. The legal teams knowledge and attention to detail were evident out of the gates. They left no stone unturned, crafting a strong strategy that exceeded expectations. Communication was excellent and the team was always available to answer my questions and provide updates. Thanks to the firms hard work, I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my complex case. Andres and his team fought fiercely for my cause and ultimately delivered above and beyond my expectations. If you’re seeking personalized legal support from a trustworthy law firm, I highly recommend the Beregovich Law Firm. Andres is truly a dedicated advocate and will fight fiercely for his clients rights.


Orlando Injury Attorney

Andres I. Beregovich

Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice Attorney

  • Strives to meet client’s complex legal issues and exceed their expectations through strategies based on experience, a strong work ethic and tangible customer service

  • Bar Admissions in Florida, New Jersey and the District of Columbia

  • Admitted in the United States Courts for the Middle District and Southern District of Florida


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