Case Update: Long-Lost Safety Deposit Items Show Up At Orlando Auction

September 13, 2019|Negligence|

In 2017, we represented a woman who lost over $100,000 worth of valuables after a banking institution misplaced the safety deposit box she had used to safeguard her property. Despite the bank's negligence in protecting her property, the personal injury case was lost on a technicality – the statute of limitations [...]

Personal Injury Can Take The Form Of Financial Loss As Well As Physical Injury

February 11, 2019|Negligence, Personal Injury|

There's a common misconception that you must be physically injured by another party to file a personal injury or negligence lawsuit. That is not true. In legal terms, "injury" or "loss" can take many forms, including financial losses. We recently represented a client who lost over $100,000 worth of valuables from [...]

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