Nursing Home Negligence | Sue For Nursing Home Negligence

Date Posted:

May 13, 2019

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Andres Beregovich

Nursing homes are tasked with providing a safe environment for the elderly or infirm. When a resident is injured while in the care of a nursing home or similar facility, it’s natural to wonder if you can hold them responsible for the injury.

In some cases, yes, nursing homes and care facilities can be held liable for a patient’s injury if negligence can be proven. Proving nursing home negligence is complicated and best left in the hands of an experienced nursing home negligence attorney. If you see any signs of negligence or abuse or suspect your loved one isn’t receiving adequate care, contact The Beregovich Law Firm right away to discuss your concerns.

Filing a Lawsuit For Nursing Home Negligence

If a nursing home accepts Medicare (which is most of them), it must follow specific federal regulations that establish a certain standard of care for residents. Those standards generally require that the areas accessible to residents be free of hazards and that each resident receives adequate and appropriate supervision and assistance. Failure to meet these minimum standards of care could lead to charges of negligence, particularly if it can be proven that an accident or injury is a direct result of the lack of care.

There are many, many ways that a nursing home could be charged with negligence. Some examples include:

  • Failing to keep the facility free and clear of hazards.
  • Hiring employees who neglect or abuse residents or failing to provide proper training for employees.
  • Lack of supervision of residents.
  • Failing to keep the facility clean and sanitary.
  • Failing to provide appropriate medical care.

In all of these situations and more it is not enough that a resident is injured on the premises, you must also prove the nursing home’s liability in each situation. This isn’t easy. It can be difficult to determine what led to the accident and who should be held responsible.

Uncovering evidence and proving negligence is a job for a skilled nursing home attorney. Andres Beregovich works with nursing home residents and their families to examine the facts of the situation, determine if negligence occurred, and who should be held responsible. This professional investigation can help injured parties recover damages and can help prevent a similar situation from happening to another person in the future.

If you suspect negligence at a nursing home or care facility, call The Beregovich Law Firm at (800) 631-9009 or email us to arrange a consultation to discuss the situation. We are always available to listen to your concerns and provide an honest assessment of the situation.