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Bitten By Bed Bugs During A Stay At A Florida Hotel?

February 14, 2023|Bed Bugs|

Have you recently spent a night in a Florida hotel and experienced a bed bug infestation? This is not only an unpleasant experience; it can cause damage to property, as well as personal injury and disease. It is also something that hotel managers have a responsibility to prevent through proactive means. [...]

When do You need to Hire a Bed Bug Lawyer

February 7, 2023|Bed Bugs|

Bed bugs can be found even in the most prestigious and best-kept accommodation. Guests in hotels may experience property loss, bites, and even illness as a result of these pests. If you have suffered any of these personal injuries or losses, you should speak to a bed bug lawyer to learn [...]

Guest’s Rights When Dealing with Bed Bugs in a Hotel

January 10, 2023|Bed Bugs|

Landlords and hotel owners have a responsibility to provide clean, habitable accommodations for their visitors. That includes ensuring that the premises are always reasonably free of vermin such as bedbugs. Unfortunately, bed bugs can take up residence in even the finest hotel rooms - it is estimated that roughly 60 percent [...]

What Should You Do if You Have Been Bitten by Bed Bugs at a Florida Hotel?

December 13, 2022|Bed Bugs|

It is a fairly common vacation horror story: you check into a hotel and lie back to get a good night’s rest, trusting that the establishment, for whose hospitality you are paying, has gone to all necessary lengths to ensure that their rooms are in a fit, clean and healthy state. [...]

5 of the Most Common Daycare Injuries and When to Worry

September 10, 2020|Daycare Accidents|

As parents, we are willing to accept the fact that at some point, our kids will get hurt or injured. Skinned knees and elbows, bruises, and twisted ankles are par for the course of childhood. When injuries happen at a friend’s house or at home, we are more inclined to shrug [...]

Documentation Is Crucial to Private Daycare Negligence Lawsuits

November 4, 2019|Daycare Accidents|

Winning a daycare negligence lawsuit means proving that the daycare provider breached their duty of care to prevent injuries and provide a safe environment for children. Simply accusing the providers of being negligent in this duty of care won’t win any cases. Like all personal injury cases, you need proof or [...]

Case Update: Long-Lost Safety Deposit Items Show Up At Orlando Auction

September 13, 2019|Negligence|

In 2017, we represented a woman who lost over $100,000 worth of valuables after a banking institution misplaced the safety deposit box she had used to safeguard her property. Despite the bank's negligence in protecting her property, the personal injury case was lost on a technicality – the statute of limitations [...]

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