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Date Posted:

September 8, 2017

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Andres Beregovich


Few things are more frustrating for homeowners than submitting a property insurance claim and having it denied. Property insurance, or homeowners insurance, is supposed to help you recover after damage has occurred to your home by providing you with compensation so you can afford to make repairs. But many insurance providers will do all that they can to avoid paying out on the policy, leaving homeowners on the hook for the entire cost of the repairs. What’s even more insulting is when you receive that next policy premium notice, knowing that you may be paying premiums and get nothing in return.

We Will Fight For You When Your Home Insurance Claim Is Denied

Claim denials are all too common, but you don’t have to accept the denial! Insurance companies are not above denying a claim by saying the damage is not covered by the policy. If this doesn’t sound right to you, get a second (unbiased) opinion from our home insurance attorney in Orlando.

There are many different types of residential property insurance coverage and it is possible that your policy does not cover the specific type of damage you sustained. Flooding, for example, is usually not included in standard homeowners policies and must be purchased separately. But, other types of damage usually are covered. These include damage due to hurricanes, flooding, lightning, pipe leaks, fire, wind, and hail damage, vandalism and theft, and damage from trees.

Our Orlando claim attorney can review your policy, evaluate your claim, and advise you whether or not you should be covered by your policy. If the answer is yes, we can represent you in a claim dispute.

We have experience with:

  • Full claim denials
  • Partial payouts and lowball offers
  • Exclusions, exceptions, and statutes of limitations

For a full list of the types of home damage claims we handle, click here.

Arrange A Free Policy Review With Our Home Insurance Attorney In Orlando

If you believe your property insurance claim has been denied unfairly, contact Beregovich Law for a free policy review and case consultation.

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