Date Posted:

April 8, 2024

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Andres Beregovich


If you are a victim of plastic surgery gone wrong, you must know that there are legal rights that can assist in your pursuit of justice and compensation. Cosmetic surgeries aim to improve one’s appearance, but when they fail, the outcomes, both physical and emotional, can be severe. At Beregovich Law, we aim to help people impacted by careless cosmetic processes with our skilled legal advice and assistance.

Understanding Your Rights to Cosmetic Surgery Compensation

If cosmetic surgery goes wrong, you can seek compensation for the harm caused. In Florida, people may be able to claim money from a cosmetic surgeon if they experience these types of damages:

  • Medical Bills, Past and Future: Paying for extra treatments and operations needed to fix the procedure.
  • Lost Wages and Loss of Earning Capacity: Compensation for the time you’ve had to take off work to recover.
  • Pain and Suffering and Mental Anguish: This takes into account the unsuccessful surgery’s physical pain and mental anguish.

In order to successfully gain compensation, it is essential to show that the surgeon’s negligence was the main reason for your injury. Typically, this includes demonstrating that their level of care did not meet accepted medical standards.

Navigating Plastic Surgery Malpractice Settlements

When dealing with plastic surgery malpractice settlements, it is essential to understand the medical and legal intricacies that are part of these situations. The idea behind a settlement in such a case is to compensate for any harm caused by an incorrect procedure or action without requiring an extended court process. Significant aspects taken into account are:

  • Liability: establishing that the surgeon’s care and treatment fell below the standard of care
  • Extent of Injury: The extent of your injuries and whether they will last a long time can affect the amount of settlement.
  • Insurance Coverage: The amount of the surgeon’s malpractice insurance can limit the compensation available.

Beregovich Law fights hard to obtain a settlement that accurately shows the depth of your pain and losses. 

How a Plastic Surgery Malpractice Lawyer Can Help You

A lawyer with experience handling plastic surgery medical malpractice cases is essential for helping those suffering from botched and failed surgery procedures. This is how we can assist:

  • Case Evaluation: We will assess your legal situation to determine if there is a strong case for medical malpractice.
  • Collecting Proof: This involves requesting medical records, hiring experts and understanding the details of your injuries.
  • Legal Representation: If your lawsuit goes to court, we will represent you and fight for just compensation.

Beregovich Law is experienced in  the complexities of plastic surgery malpractice law in Florida, and we use this understanding effective prosecute your case.

The Process of Suing a Plastic Surgeon for Malpractice

Taking legal action against a plastic surgeon for malpractice is a journey that requires multiple steps, and knowing about these can help you feel more ready and self-assured. These steps include:

  • Initial Consultation: Contact Beregovich Law for a free consultation, during which we will discuss your case and legal strategy.
  • Complaint Filing: We will file a complaint in court against the surgeon, stating the claims of negligence and damages being demanded.
  • Discovery Phase: In this stage, we will exchange details and evidence. We plan to do witness depositions, talk with medical professionals, and collect required documents.
  • Negotiation and Mediation: Usually, before the trial starts, there is an effort to reach an agreement outside of court. We will strongly advocate for negotiation for you.
  • Trial: If we cannot reach an agreement, your case will be taken for a trial. Here, a jury will determine the result.

For those who have experienced botched plastic surgery, either yourself or a person close to you, you don’t have to keep enduring silently. Get in touch with Beregovich Law now so we can examine your choices and assist you in receiving compensation that should be rightfully yours. Let our team help you turn your experience into a strong case for justice.