Nursing Home Abuse | Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Date Posted:

August 2, 2019

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Andres Beregovich

Did you know that there are many different types of nursing home abuse cases? While physical abuse may be most closely associated with nursing home abuse in our minds, it’s far from the only type of mistreatment seniors can suffer in a nursing home setting. In addition to physical abuse, seniors can experience:

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Psychological Abuse
  • Financial Abuse or Exploitation 

4 Types Of Nursing Home Abuse To Watch For

When families can’t care for an elderly loved one, they turn to nursing homes to provide that care with the expectation that the resident will be treated well. Sometimes that does not happen and the elderly resident becomes a victim of abuses such as:

  • Physical Abuse. This type of abuse causes physical harm. Sometimes the abuse is intentional such as hitting a resident or handling them roughly, but at other times the physical abuse may be caused by neglect due to inadequate staffing or poor staff training.
  • Sexual Abuse. Sexual abuse is unwanted and unsolicited sexual attention or acts. Patients who are unable to express themselves such as those with dementia or cognitive impairments are most at risk of sexual abuse. 
  • Psychological Abuse. This type of abuse is the most difficult to identify because it does not leave physical evidence behind and the abuse may be explained away as the caregiver “having a bad day” or it being a “one-time thing”. Psychological abuse can include yelling, shaming, or criticizing the resident. 
  • Financial Abuse or Exploitation. This type of nursing home abuse happens when caregivers have access to and take advantage of the resident’s finances. They may steal cash, divert funds from a checking account, use the resident’s name to apply for credit or loans, or convince the resident to give them money.

Anyone of these types of nursing home abuses can happen to men or women. The abusers maybe nursing home staff, other residents, or even visitors. The best way to protect your loved one is to visit them often and watch for signs of injury and changes in behavior. If you suspect abuse is occurring, contact The Beregovich Law Firm for advice. Our nursing home abuse attorney will listen to your story, examine the evidence, and recommend a course of action that protects your loved one.

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