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November 22, 2019

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Andres Beregovich

Big corporations and large companies have several advantages over the “little guys” in court. Name recognition, a strong brand, a team of staff attorneys and deep pockets to name just a few. The thought of going up against well-known names or well-positioned companies is intimidating….and they count on that. Big players can afford to stretch out lawsuits until the plaintiff gives in. They can also continue to throw money at the case (or the plaintiff) until the problem goes away. In many cases, simply the threat of counter legal action against a plaintiff is enough for consumers to decide to drop their case and move on with their lives.

We think that’s wrong. Consumers who have been wronged have a right to bring legal action against the party that wronged them, even if that party is a multi-national corporation. Many attorneys won’t take David vs. Goliath cases like this. They see going up against such giants as a waste of time and a losing battle, so they don’t even bother. 

The Beregovich Law Firm is not like that. Andres Beregovich believes that everyone deserves justice and deserves a chance for their story to be heard – no matter who is sitting at the defense table. 

Recent Cases Highlight Andres Beregovich’s Tenacity

Several of our recent cases prove that we are willing to go against the odds and be the advocate that consumers need. 

One recent case involved Chase Bank and a missing safety deposit box. For 3 years, we fought for our client to hold Chase responsible for her lost property. If it weren’t for the statute of limitations affecting the case, we may have prevailed. As it is, the story has a happy ending thanks to an eagle-eyed friend of our client who alerted us to an auction where our client’s property was about to be sold.

Another example of Andres Beregovich going up against entrenched norms is his willingness to sue doctors for medical malpractice and his vocal demands that the Florida State Legislature close loopholes that allow cosmetic surgeons to operate without regard for patient safety. Representing injured patients in Florida, a state where medical malpractice insurance is not required is, again, something many attorneys will not do. Quite simply, without an insurance company to pay out damages, there’s not enough money in it for most attorneys to bother.

The FIU bridge collapse is another example of how our firm will not be swayed by big names to turn the other cheek and let victims suffer in silence. Our husband and wife clients were both injured in the accident and have had trouble getting insurance to pay out for their injuries. Unable to work and with mounting medical bills, this couple came to us in desperate straits, seeking help from someone who would advocate for them and stand up to the intimidation tactics they were facing. 

A Different Attorney With A Different Approach

If you have even been told you “don’t have a case” or “it’s not worth it” by another attorney, it’s time to give Andres Beregovich a call. Andres is a true advocate for victim’s rights and will pursue your case no matter who you are up against. 
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