The 4 Most Dangerous Types of Car Accidents

Date Posted:

April 1, 2018

Post Author

Andres Beregovich


According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were over 395,000 car accidents in Florida just in the year 2016. Of those thousands of crashes, more than 250,000 of them resulted in injuries, while just fewer than 3,000 of them resulted in fatalities, proving that there is a wide range of severity in auto accidents.

What makes one car accident more dangerous than another depends on many factors including the speed of the vehicle(s) involved, the size of the cars, the use of seatbelts, and the way the car is hit. Here is a quick look at some of the most dangerous types of car accidents.

Dangerous Car Accidents

Any car accident can be injurious or even fatal, but some have a higher probability of severe injury or death. Those include:

  1. Head-On Collisions. Head-on collisions result in the most fatalities due to simple physics. If 2 cars, each traveling 60 mph, hit one another head-on, the resulting force is the equivalent of crashing at 120 mph. Add in to that the face-to-face positioning of the cars and the position of the occupants inside, you can see why head-on collisions so often result in fatalities.
  2. T-Bones. T-bone accidents occur when the front of one vehicle hits the side of another. They most often occur at intersections, usually when one driver is turning and the other fails, or is unable, to yield. The danger in these types of accidents is due more so to the fact that the sides of cars are less protected than the front and back of cars. T-bone accidents can be especially bad for backseat passengers.
  3. Pile-ups. Pile-ups involve more than two cars. They are particularly dangerous because they make it difficult for anyone to exit their vehicles and/or get out of the path of destruction. There’s also a higher chance of debris, fires, and explosions which can harm people who are not even involved in the accident.
  4. Rollovers. While rollovers are most often associated with large, high-profile vehicles like SUVs, RVs, vans, and pick-up trucks, even small cars can roll over. Taking turns too fast, overcorrecting at high speeds, and impaired driving all up the chances of a rollover. The danger from rollovers comes from the ferocity of the car turning upside down as well as the likelihood of being trapped inside the vehicle once it comes to a stop.

All of these types of car accidents have high potential for serious or permanent injury or even death. If you have been involved in a serious car accident and have suffered as a result of it, contact The Beregovich Law Firm for advice and representation. There is a possibility we can help you obtain compensation for your injuries which can help you recover more fully and with less financial strain.

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