Railroads crisscross the State of Florida, resulting in hundreds of accidents every year, and they almost always make headlines because of the disruption and devastation they cause. Derailments, crashes with pedestrians, cars or school buses, and chemical spills are just a few examples of the type of railroad accidents that can occur. These accidents are devastating, causing serious injury and often death.

In some cases, the railroad company and/or its employees have been negligent in their duties and that leads to an accident. If that happens, The Beregovich Law Firm can get to work proving the company’s negligence and securing compensation for the victims.

Proving Negligence

Sometimes injuries and accidents happen because the railroad company did not provide adequate training, equipment, safety conditions, or take other steps to ensure the safe operation of their railways. In those cases, the company can be held liable for failing to keep its employees and the general public safe and compensation may be obtained.

The Beregovich Law Firm investigates all aspects of these types of incidents to uncover evidence of negligence and advocate for victims who have been injured as a result of that negligence. There are many, many factors that could contribute to negligence, which is why hiring a personal injury lawyer who is also a dedicated researcher is so vital to a successful outcome. We examine everything, from operator training and history, to weather conditions, rail line conditions, the operability of gates and warning devices, and more.
Then we get to work helping the victims or the victims’ families.

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