Did you know that doctors in Florida are not required by law to carry medical malpractice insurance? Under Florida State Statute 458.320 physicians only have to demonstrate the financial responsibility to pay claims and costs associated with medical malpractice and liability lawsuits.

They can demonstrate this ability by carrying professional liability insurance or by establishing an escrow account to cover such costs.

This is an unfortunate situation for consumers; without the requirement of medical liability insurance, many doctors forego coverage. When there is a medical malpractice situation, the injured patient can have a hard time finding a medical malpractice attorney to take their case. Many attorneys will shy away from cases that do not involve an insurance company because the damages awarded tend to be lower. Such cases are considered unworthy of their time and effort.

The Beregovich Law Firm Advocates For Patients

The Beregovich Law Firm Advocates For Patients

That is not how we see it at The Beregovich Law Firm. We believe that injured patients should be able to pursue justice and receive compensation for their injuries regardless of the financial backing of the defendant. We fight for patients’ rights – regardless of how deep the pockets of the physician may be.

You placed your trust in a physician to help you through an illness or injury and suffered because of it. Don’t be swayed into thinking there’s no point in filing a medical malpractice lawsuit if the physician doesn’t carry professional liability insurance. You can still pursue the matter in court and you can still be awarded significant damages.

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