ATV accidents involve 3- or 4-wheeled off-road vehicles. Although they are aren’t used on traditional roadways, these vehicles can still travel very fast, in excess of 50 mph.

Add to that their weight, the fact that they are used on uneven surfaces, have no doors, roofs, or windows, and none of a car’s safety features and you begin to understand how ATV accidents can both happen and be so damaging to riders and passengers – even when they’ve been operated perfectly.

At The Beregovich Law Firm we understand the risks that come with ATV operation and the toll that ATV accidents can have on families – physical, emotional, and financial. We work with families and victims to determine how the accident happened and if there is an opportunity to receive compensation for losses suffered.

How ATV Accidents Happen

How ATV Accidents Happen

ATV accidents can happen suddenly and typically are due to one of three factors:

  • Improper Use Due to Lack of Instruction. ATV operators are not given adequate instruction on how to use the vehicle, which leads to accidents.
  • Location. Trail conditions and maintenance can affect how an ATV responds while in use.
  • Defective Equipment. Faulty equipment or structural defects can cause an ATV to function improperly and lead to an accident.

In any one of the situations outlined above, there may be an opportunity to pursue legal action and receive compensation for your injuries. Consultation with our personal injury attorney can help identify areas of negligence or fault and pave the way for a personal injury or product liability lawsuit.

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