Florida is a major vacation destination in part for the number of amusement parks in the state. But amusement park accidents can put a damper on the excitement. Accidents can take many forms.

The most obvious are accidents that happen on roller coasters and other rides, but slipping and falling, food poisoning, or even altercations with another guest count too.

In some cases, the injured party may be eligible for compensation for their injuries. If someone else was responsible for the injury, you may have a personal injury or negligence case on your hands and you’ll need to consult an amusement park accidents attorney at The Beregovich Law Firm for assistance.

Our personal injury lawyer will thoroughly review the circumstances that led up to your accident and determine whether or not you are due compensation.

Amusement Park Accident Cases Are Complex

Amusement park accidents can be complex cases. They often involve many different theories of law, including product liability, negligence, premises liability, and negligent security. In many cases, previous incidents were settled confidentially and guests have no idea which parks and the rides within them are safe and which are not.

Your attorney needs to be knowledgeable in all of these areas of law as well as have the legal and technical expertise to research, build, and argue the case in order for your to win a settlement. The Beregovich Law Firm brings this experience to amusement park accident claims. We investigate all aspects of the situation to determine the cause of the incident and who is responsible for it.

It isn’t only amusement park guests who can be injured. Employees may be injured while working too. We represent both park visitors and employees who have been injured in amusement park accidents in Florida.

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