Beregovich Law Firm Emerges as a Leader in Florida Medical Malpractice Cases

Date Posted:

December 11, 2019

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Andres Beregovich

Andres Beregovich and The Beregovich Law Firm have been featured in yet another USA Today article that highlights the on-going problem of Florida physicians practicing without medical malpractice insurance. The article goes into the horrifying details of several cosmetic surgery procedures gone awry – and the patients who are out of luck trying to obtain compensation for their injuries.

Our firm has represented several patients who have suffered injuries due to botched cosmetic procedures. In many of those cases, they’ve been turned away by other attorneys who see no point in going up against a physician who doesn’t have the ability to pay. 

We see things differently and take on many of those cases to help patients obtain closure, and compensation if possible, but also to flag those physicians and clinics as dangerous and irresponsible. 

The Problem With Florida’s Approach

Florida isn’t the only state that does not require physicians to carry medical malpractice, or liability, insurance, but it is a leading destination for people seeking discount plastic surgery procedures. This creates a problem by attracting large numbers of patients to the state and then leaving them with no recourse when they are injured by poorly trained or uncertified physicians.

As Andres Beregovich explains, “Nobody is holding their feet to the fire to force them to demonstrate their financial responsibility.” 

This is a problem that won’t be remedied if attorneys are unwilling to challenge these practices in court. The situation is finally getting attention in the State Legislature and new laws go into effect in January 2020 that should help close some loopholes and better protect patients, but there still isn’t a requirement that physicians carry medical malpractice insurance. 

Andres Beregovich Fights for Patient Rights

“We want injured patients to know that they do have options. Even if other attorneys turned them down or told them they didn’t have a case or it wasn’t worth it. Call us, we are always willing to look at a situation and give a second opinion,” said Andres Beregovich.  
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